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Loved the wealth of materials that was provided. I learned so much about antiquity and archaeology! Will there be a part two? 

It was a great experience. The mentor is very knowledgeable in this topic and helped to break down the information well.

The course was fantastic! The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided an insight into museums around the world, and their importance in conserving valuable history.

Classical Archaeology

Taught by Evgenia Dammer, Phd in Archaeology from Oxford University.

Course Topics: 

  1. Introduction - Archaeology as a discipline.
  2. Archaic Greece
  3. Classical Period
  4. Hellenistic Period
  5. Roman Empire I
  6. Roman Empire II

Assessment Method: Weekly fill-in-the-blank assignment and two final quizzes.

It was a good course, with each topic well planned out with a wide range of additional reading materials. I would highly recommend it to all interested in the topic! 

Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Taught by Humphrey Nyambiya, Mphil in Archaeology from University of Cape Town.

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to Cultural Heritage
  2. Practices in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Preservation
  3. Cultural World Heritage Sites
  4. Management of Cultural Heritage
  5. Restoration and Reconstructions of Cultural Heritage 
  6. The Future of Cultural Heritage 

Assessment Method: Weekly question assignments.

It was my first course at SCHG, and it made me want to take more! Such an enriching experience that deepened my knowledge of cultural heritage.

Introduction to Museology/Museum Studies

Taught by Emily Scott, MLitt in Museum Studies from University of Aberdeen.

Course Topics:

  1. The Development of Museums
  2. Defining Types of Collections
  3. Objects and their stories
  4. Engagement and Community Outreach
  5. Difficult Histories
  6. The Role of Technology in Museums

Assessment Method: Final essay assignment. 

Great introductory course! It really helped me to reaffirm my decision to go into the Museum industry for my career! The mentor was very supportive and even helped provide me with virtual volunteering opportunities to get started. 

I enjoyed the interactive online classroom a lot because there were always interesting new materials posted and the students' feedback included in the lectures. The course provided great insights into the many aspects of museology. 

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